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Style and Sophistication

Jewelry House Art Vivace jewelry was founded in 1998 in Kiev.

Exclusive design and perfect quality of products enabled Jewelry House Art Vivace jewelry occupy its stable niche in the Luxury segment, both in Ukraine and abroad.

For many years, the jewelry from Art Vivace jewelry, exclusive gifts and souvenirs, luxury corporate gifts and awards - to conquer the hearts of the most demanding customers.

We know, it's nice to give and receive a gift - a symbol of strength and prosperity. Therefore, from our part, we are doing everything that depends on us: carefully develop a sketch, select materials and precious stones to accurately reflect the individual design of each product. Perfect quality handmade completes the implementation of the image.

We choose only the partners for whom the sophistication and style - the basis of life principles. Among them are leading companies NESTLE, NEMIROFF, SIEMENS.

In 2005, the Jewelry House Art Vivace jewelry manufactured prize winner of the International Competition of the general sponsor of the International EUROVISION 2005 (Kiev), the company Nemiroff.


Jewelry design studio

In parallel with the development of own brands Jewellery studio Art Vivace jewelry develop conceptually new collections of jewelry for many famous brands.

Our designers are closely monitoring the current trends of the world market, regularly visit fashion exhibitions in Europe and Asia.

Experimenting with forms of products, gold color from white to black, precious stones, they skillfully represent the preferences and tastes of our partners from different countries.

Alliance designers artists with art historians and ethnographers are very important for the adaptation of products in the derivation of the brand into new markets.

For example, one of the most successful brands OBERIG jewelry (2009), developed by the Jewelry House Art Vivace jewelry, you can see all the way from the birth of an idea, the brand concept to realization of the collections and the geography of the brand (Ukraine, France, Russia).

Today new brands Pari & Shah, Ember Angel, Karpenko surely win the hearts of connoisseurs of jewelry.



The founders of the Jewelry House Art Vivace jewelry Irina and Peter Siry, said:

The most valuable thing in life - a relationship between a man and a woman. They must be filled with the beauty and refinement in all its forms: in the love and the family, in business and life, in gold and diamonds.

We create jewelry of the highest quality from the best of precious materials for a refined and demanding women who bestows success and a strong man. Jewelry House Art Vivace jewelry accompanies the family fortune and business impeccable beauty of jewelry.




Availability of modern high-tech base Jewelry House Art Vivace jewelry and high professionalism allow jewelry, exclusive gifts and souvenirs, luxury corporate gifts, souvenirs and prizes.

Developments Jewelry Artists Atelier involve the use in the production of a large range of precious and semi-precious stones: diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, pearls, and a whole range of colored stones - topaz, beryl, jade, carnelian and many others.

We pay serious attention to the preferences of our partners in the color of gold. Depending on your preferences and tastes, traditions and characteristics of the market - the color of gold in the product can have different shades from white to black.

World Art Vivace jewelry, anything is possible!

Feel like a jeweler and a full participant in the creative and production process.

Your results - not just a piece of jewelry, and realized an image of your emotions or feelings.

Studio jewelery design and jewelery atelier waiting for you.

The way Your ideas come into live:

  • Sketching
  • Modeling
  • Casting product
  • Assembly
  • Stones fastening
  • Polishing
  • Sketching

    The studio jewelry design artists and designers and fashion designers will listen to all your ideas and wishes, create your product sketch three-dimensional model and then give your approval to production. At all stages of the artist's name, the designers will accompany your project.
  • Modeling

    The jeweler-designer on your sketch to make products of modeling wax, or 3D printer prototype product grows.
  • Casting product

    Caster. It depends on the strength of the future product from him. Plastic or wax prototype pour the molding material is placed in the oven. Under the influence of the mass of the furnace and solidified in the cavity pour the molten metal (gold or silver). After the mass has cooled, it is washed off - finished part is the master model.
  • Assembly

    It is exclusively manual and tedious work. Master goldsmith, mounter connects the individual parts into a whole. In the sketch of the product is applied to the invoice, or the product is polished to a perfectly smooth surface.
  • Stones fastening

    If on the design of your product needed decors made from precious stones and inserts. Having almost finished product, jeweler-zakrepschik neatly secures the stones in place of planting products. It does it gently, firmly and professionally. All stones are held firmly and securely.
  • Polishing

    Quality of the final processing of polishing products enables us to obtain a perfectly smooth surface, reflecting the smooth and bright luster.
  • Sketching
  • Modeling
  • Casting product
  • Assembly
  • Stones fastening
  • Polishing



Every single line is brought to perfection.
Every gleam matters.

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The talented team, the use of modern technology and ancient traditions of the particular occupational requirement for quality - the success of the Jewelry House Art Vivace jewelry. Devotion to regular customers - our source of inspiration.


Real gems only.
Precious materials only.

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Developing Artists Studio Jewelry Design Art Vivace involve the use in the production of a large range of precious and semi-precious stones, including the most valuable - diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, pearls, and a whole range of colored stones - topaz, beryl, jade, carnelian. All stones are of the highest quality.


Each masterpiece is the result of
creativity of client and Art Vivace Jewelry team.

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We do not allow ourselves to mass. Your order - individual, unique, one of a kind. Your participation in all stages - from conception to the discussion of the final product - makes the "golden" hands of our craftsmen to make a unique piece of jewelry. Exclusive jewelery, specially made souvenir with particular value for a person, the VIP - a gift that reflects the passion or profession of the person to whom it is intended, - it is an artistic reflection of your personality and philosophy of approach to life.

Exhibitions and Awards

Novelty and originality of the collections Jewelry House Art Vivace jewelry for many years admired the company's clients and visitors of international jewelry exhibitions. Diplomas and awards are eloquent on the recognition of Jewelry House Art Vivace jewelry.

Medal by the Memorial Fund of Carl Faberge - a sign of our quality.



Devotion to our customers - the source of our inspiration.

Over the years, it evolved creative and professional relationships Jewelry House Art Vivace jewelry with the most demanding customers of the country. Leading companies form their gift funds on the basis of our products.

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